Gimme Danger

Skipping all the usual social pleasantries, thanks for checking out my work. This is a bit spartan as I’m sort of technophobic, but it’ll do for now. I’m going for the rustic look, at least that’s what I’ll tell people.

There are four stories floating in the ether of publishing queues. I’ll post something when they’re available. In the meantime, here are some recent links to stories (pretty much in chronological order, from what I can remember):

GLASS BUBBLES– published in Cause and Effect Magazine, Issue #12 (Available Soon!)

C’EST MOI-published in the New Voices in Horror Anthology

THE MOURNING IS THE DAWN OF OUR LOVE– published in Gold Dust Magazine, Issue #14

ALEX AND THE MUSIC BOX– published in Out of the Gutter, Issue #5, ‘Revenge’

PUGS– published in Colored Chalk, Issue #5, ‘Sins of the Father’

COMPLICATIONS– published in Colored Chalk, Issue #3, ‘Life After Fire’

‘TIL THE MAN COMES AROUND– published in the Mechanic’s Institute Review, Issue #4

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