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Lots of updates!

Posted in Uncategorized on August 18, 2009 by nikkorpon

Sorry for the delays in updating. Moving apartments and all the other boring sundry things that take up way too much time.


-The Winter issue of CAUSE AND EFFECT Magazine is now available, fo real this time.

-I just posted a review of Blake Butler’s SCORCH ATLAS, which if you haven’t read, you need to immediately. It might concume your soul if you don’t; it’s that good.

-I have a short in the new issue of COLOREDCHALK Magazine called ‘Slivers of a Voice,’ alongside Vincent Louis Carella and a ton of other fantastic writers.

-Finally, do yourself a favor and pick up the innagural issue of SIDESHOW FABLES Magazine, the first and only (or at least the best) zine dedicated to side shows and the dark side of circus life. It’s like Carnivale… without the guy from Twin Peaks. Anyway, it’s a beautiful zine and I’m proud to be in the first issue.

More updates to come in the near future, I think.