CURRENTS at Troubadour 21

My short CURRENTS is now live at I’m pretty stoked to have this story out for public eyes; it’s been floating in the ether of my harddrive for a long time. One of those ‘one of my favorite stories but no one likes it’ type of things.

At any rate, Troubadour21 is a fantastic site. There are a ton of different genres, styles, forms and other diversions on there. Be sure to check out Richard Thomas‘s serialized story EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL and Chris Dwyer‘s short VISCOMY. Both are some of my favorite new voices and I can assure you that you will be very uncomfortable after reading them.


One Response to “CURRENTS at Troubadour 21”

  1. Alex J. Martin Says:

    I really dug this story, Nik. I’m not sure why I never got around to telling you that. I think Richard Thomas hit home in his comment @ T21.

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