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BONES found in short-story

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I have a new piece up at called THE BONES OF MIRACLES. They’re all about genre fiction, but good genre fiction, which is exciting to see that it’s getting some respect.

Also, thanks to everyone who came out to LAST SUNDAY, LAST RITES last night. We had a great time.


Next to Godliness

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I’ve added a page with a table of all my stories and where they’re published. I figured it was easier than sifting through posts.


Interview at the Cat O’Nine Tails Pub

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I recently had a few pints with Craig Wallwork at the Cat O’Nine Tails Pub. Writing and book talk followed.

Read the interview here.

Thanks to Craig and best wishes to Grady and his imminent bullfighting career.


Footsteps and Soot cover T21

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I have a new short called HIS FOOTSTEPS ARE MADE OF SOOT at This is the third or fourth version of this story I’ve written, so I’m glad I finally got it right.

Check out Craig Wallwork‘s new short THE KEY MAN while you’re over there, as well as Eddy Rathke‘s A NIGHT ON THE TOWN.




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I’m honored to say that I’m now a Fiction Editor at Rotten Leaves Magazine. Big thanks to Axel Taiari and Christopher Dwyer.

And now for the important stuff: Send us your stories. We want the scratching you hear in an empty house, the ideas that burrow through your heart like silverfish, the visions indistinguishabe from your own shadow. Send your demons and your fears.

Wings Melt for Sex and Murder

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My short EYES THAT MELT WINGS is in Issue Four of Sex and Murder Magazine. You can read it online, buy various e-formats or kick it old-school with paper. Whichever you chose, please spread the word. I’m stoked to have a story alongside so many great authors, especially David Erlewine, a fellow Baltimorean and the new flash-fiction editor of JMWW, who will be reading at LAST SUNDAY LAST RITES in February. They don’t call it Smalltimore for nothing!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy in the story.

From other web tendrils:

-The Pushcart Exquisite Corpse has been sent to NO COLONY and we’re awaiting our nomination. It’s a wretched, malformed, beautiful thing and I’m pleased to be part of it.

CHARACTERED PIECES from Caleb J Ross is available for pre-order. You should buy it now.

-While you have your wallet out, pre-order ADAM ROBISON AND OTHER POEMS by Adam Robinson of PUBLISHING GENIUS fame, available from NARROW HOUSE PRESS.

-And finally, Featherproof Books’  TRIPLEQUICK app for iPhone is now available. Read really good stories, really fast.

Godspeed, Friends


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I’m incredibly pleased to say that an excerpt from my new novel is live at ROTTEN LEAVES Magazine. This is the first issue of ROTTEN LEAVES and I’m flattered to be able to ruin its reputation from the start. The excerpt is called HANGING ON SAINT JUDE, and the novel is either called CONSTELLATIONS or _______. I’m not sure which.

This issue is packed with fantastic stories by Vincent Louis Carella, Chris Deal, Simon West-Bulford and other writers I’m just discovering. Thanks to Axel Taiari and Chris Dwyer for including my bit.

More news to come. Check back soon.