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Oprah read this> Oprah, read this

Posted in Uncategorized on January 10, 2010 by nikkorpon

The easiest characters are those with baggage included.

OPRAH READ THIS > OPRAH, READ THIS is a collection of stories that each leverage the name-recognition of other writers to impart a meta-layer of interpretation. These are fictions. The writers are not. Here, we explore the overlap.

This collection will be live for 11 months: January 2010-November 2010.

There are a ton of great writers in here. My story, DEXTER MORGAN, MARRAIGE COUNSELOR, only slightly mars the reputation.

While you’re out around the website, preorder Tim Hall’s new chapbook, ONE DAMN THING AFTER ANOTHER, available from Outsider Writers Press. Chicago Subtext has some nice things to say about it.