Edward Cullen can suck it.

Couple things to catch up on:

I have a story, DEVIL CHILDREN UNITE, in a new vampire anthology from Living Dead Press. The anthology, called ETERNAL NIGHT, will be available soon. If you’d like to buy it from the Rotten Leaves store, we’d appreciate the support. This is a fantastic collection of stories that subverts the vampire mythology, and a collection of writers on the brink of breaking out.

From the website:

Blood, fangs, darkness and terror…these are the calling cards of the vampire mythos. Inside this tome are stories that embrace vampire history but seek to introduce a new literary spin on this longstanding fictional monster. Follow a dark journey through cigarette-smoking creatures hunted by rogue angels, vampires that feed off of thoughts instead of blood, immortals presenting the fantastic in a local rock band, to a legendary monster on the far reaches of town. Forget what you know about vampires; this anthology will destroy historical mythos and embrace incredible new twists on this celebrated, fictional character.

Welcome to a world of the undead, welcome to the world of Eternal Night. With stories from Axel Taiari, Chris Deal, Tony Schaab, Kelly M. Hudson, Simon West-Bulford, Jessy Marie Roberts, Christopher Dwyer, Anthony Giangregorio, Richard Thomas, Spencer Wendleton, Edward J. Rathke, David H. Donaghe, Caleb Ross, Nik Korpon, Rob X Roman, and G.R. Mosca

I’m the resident Genius at Everyday Genius, the web component of Publishing Genius. Thanks to Lauren Bender for the love.

I contributed a column to the Writers’ Hub, the new website of the Birkbeck College Creative Writing Masters Program. It’s a fantastic new site with all kinds of information regarding all aspects of writing. This is especially cool, as I graduated from the same program two years ago. Thank you to James Vincent and Julia Bell for the opportunity.

Part Four of my serialized novella OLD GHOSTS is live at Troubadour21.com.

There’s also some big news to announce soon, so please check back.


2 Responses to “Edward Cullen can suck it.”

  1. Here’s the direct link to Nik’s piece at The Writer’s Hub, if you don’t want to search for it:

  2. nikkorpon Says:

    Thanks, Caleb. I should be paying you as my manager.

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