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Catching up.

Posted in Uncategorized on April 13, 2010 by nikkorpon

Sorry for the lack of updates. Here are a few, with more to follow:

-I have a new story up at Thanks to Tony, and you should pick up his book CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE JESUS JERK, out on Soft Skull Press. The brilliant Goodloe Byron designed the cover.

-Speaking of Goodloe, I finally met the inimitable Pablo D’Stair of Brown Paper Publishing at the AWP conference in Denver and he will publish OLD GHOSTS, the novella that was serialized online. New and improved and all that, of course. He’s got some ideas for the edition that make me a bit itchy, in a good way. More to come later.

-A brief recapitulation of the dramatic (pre-hangover) events aka The AWP blog at Caleb J Too, there will be more of these coming in as the contributors sort out their lives.

More to come as I remember it.