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Some Weird Sin

Posted in Uncategorized on September 8, 2010 by nikkorpon

So, as the release date for STAY GOD is drawing closer, I’ll start updating this more often. Fo real, this time. That being said, got a few cool things for you:

-The STAY GOD facespace group is alive and growing. Join up and invite your friends!

-I sent the final edits to Otherworld a few days ago, and we also have a final cover.

-I’m super stoked to not only have my signed, limited edition hardcover of Richard Thomas‘ TRANSUBSTANTIATE, but also to be able to announce that Brandon Tietz, Caleb Ross and Michael Sonbert have signed with Otherworld. It’s a testament to the vision of Lynn and Co at OWP that so many great indie writers are flocking to the press. As I hear more, I’ll pass along the good news.

More to come (and more frequently) as I think of it.