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With a bang and/or whimper

Posted in Uncategorized on December 31, 2010 by nikkorpon

I’m ruining the holidays with C Deal over at Do Some Damage with The Reindeer Incident which I actually meant to call The Reindeer Situation (like Pulp Fiction) but wrote the wrong word. Either way, the story has my favorite ending line I’ve ever written, though it’s still not as good as the above picture. If you haven’t been there before, DSD has an inordinate amount of awesome stuff with a variety of voices. I just found it a few months ago and have been reading it religiously ever since.

Mlaz Corbier (aka Jimmy Viper) was kind enough to talk to me at Thunderdome.

Also got a review/interview thing with Scott Phillips (Ice Harvest) and Stona Fitch (Founder of Concord Free Press) over at The Nervous Breakdown.

Man, I’m getting all Richard Thomas up in this bitch.

Happy New Year, everyone.



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There are some new banners I put on the Press page, courtesy of the wicked talented Boden.Steiner. He has a bunch of fantastic art on his website, a few of which are below. Check them out, give him a shout, find something cool.

Cold Cold Ground

Posted in Uncategorized on December 20, 2010 by nikkorpon

I owe a gigantic, sweaty thanks to everyone who came out last Friday for the Stay God Release Party. We had a fantastic time and I was totally overwhelmed by the great turnout. I consider myself very fortunate and humbled to have friends who are incredibly talented. So, thank you. I’ll try to write up something in the next couple days, add pictures and the like.

On a side note, I just did an interview with Lillian Cauldwell on Internet Voices Radio and, despite my nervousness, it went pretty well. The wine might’ve helped a bit. Either way, Lillian was great to talk to and I owe her a large ‘Thank you.’

I feel like there’s something else I was supposed to say but it’s totally escaping me at the moment (EDIT: The Press page is updated. That’s what it was.) So instead, I will say that I just got the Fall and Winter issue of Needle Magazine and can’t wait to dive in. You should order them. I’m also about to hit up Young Junius by Seth Harwood, after I finish Yellow Medicine from Anthony Neil Smith. ‘Tis a merry Christmas indeed.

More coming when I remember it.


19th Nervous Breakdown

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This could be a really long post, so in the spirit of the Dude, I’ll err on the side of brevity and just make a list:

-One day till STAY GOD drops!

-Today is the last day to use the CYBERMON code to save $5 off your order.

This review of STAY GOD at Ransom Notes, Barnes&Noble’s mystery blog, should make you want to buy the book, then go read Jedidiah Ayres‘ work.

-Tomorrow night, you can hear me babble on about the book and all things noir on Internet Voices Radio with Lillian Cauldwell from 7.55-8.25 EST.

-Friday night, come out and party with us at The Hexagon for the STAY GOD Release Party. There’ll be reading by myself and Goodloe Byron, music from The Garnet Hearts and Sweatpants, a short film by Chris Wiezorek and paintings from Kevin Hayden. Gig starts at 8PM, $5, BYOB. Should be a good time.

-I’ve got a story in you’re dead and I Killed You, a new anthology from Brown Paper Publishing. It’s a really cool twist on traditional anthologies, where each author wrote a mini-essay introducing another author’s story (which we were sent blindly.) I’ll post up my essay in a few days.

I think that’s it for the moment.


The Velvet Warms and Binds

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I assume that most of the four people who actually read this thing already know what The Velvet is, but if not, brother are you in for it. The Velvet is an online community of writers, designers, vagabonds, musicians, artists and riff raff of all stripes. Bound by more than just a love of dark writing, it becomes a family in the way that, four years ago, I would’ve said, ‘Meet people in real life, losers!’

Alas, for years later, I’m reaffirming my loser status.

For myself and many others, The Velvet has literally changed their lives, be it through writing, art, friendship or a ‘liberated’ essential organ. I would not be half the writer I am today (which isn’t saying much, but still) without it, be it from technical knowledge to networking to breadth of reading material to ‘shut up, stop whining and just write.’

All that being said, The Velvet is in need of help. The skeleton crew who for the last six years has been pumping the billows to keep our air flowing, and they’ve reached the limit of what they know. Through fundraising with IndieGoGo (similar to Kickstarter) they’re hoping to get someone who actually knows what they’re doing to not just keep the site running, but expand it into the thriving art hub they’ve always envisioned. Like Kickstarter, there are various perks depending on the level of donation. Any amount of donation is much appreciated.

We Want the Airwaves Back

Posted in Uncategorized on December 9, 2010 by nikkorpon

I’ll be bringing the new noise (and possibly fanning the flames of discontent [any Refused fans out there?]) in an interview with Lillian Cauldwell at Internet Voices Radio next Thursday, 16 Dec, from 7.55-8.25EST. Tune in. It should be fun.

Also, there’s an excellent new review of STAY GOD at Day Labor, the CrimeFactory blog. If you’ve been living with a plastic bag over your head for a while, then I’ll give you the inside scoop that CrimeFactory is one of the most exciting crime magazines out there. Needless to say, I’m incredibly stoked to have my name sully their reputation. Gigantic bloody thanks to Chris Deal for the beautiful words. You can also do yourself a favor by picking up Chris’ stunning micro-fiction collection CIENFUEGOS.


It just got real

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Very, very cool (as well as strange) to be holding in my hands something that had previously just been conceptual, abstract, ether. And as a hardcover, no less. You too, friend, can have one by going here or coming to the party next Friday.

Too, I’ll be doing an interview with Lillian Cauldwell at Internet Voices Radio next Thursday form 7.55-8.25 EST. We’ll be discussing the book, with probably some talk of Star Wars and The Simpsons, with possibly some Bruce Campbell tossed in for good measure.


Come party like we’re Andrew WK

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Hey Baltimore (and surrounding areas)! Come out and party with us. We’ve got a bunch of fantastic local artists or all persuasions, from rock and roll to rockabilly to David Lynch to whatever it is that Goodloe writes. And STAY GOD, too. Best of all, it’s a night of good time for just $5! So pick up a six of Boh (the venue is BYOB) bring all your friends of discriminating tastes and come hang out.

Scene of the Crime: The Hexagon. 1825 N. Charles (North Ave and Charles St)
Time of the Crime: 8pm

The Perps:

Word– Nik Korpon. Goodloe Byron.
Musical– The Garnet Hearts. Sweatpants.
Film- Chris Wiezorek.
PaintKevin Hayden