It just got real

Very, very cool (as well as strange) to be holding in my hands something that had previously just been conceptual, abstract, ether. And as a hardcover, no less. You too, friend, can have one by going here or coming to the party next Friday.

Too, I’ll be doing an interview with Lillian Cauldwell at Internet Voices Radio next Thursday form 7.55-8.25 EST. We’ll be discussing the book, with probably some talk of Star Wars and The Simpsons, with possibly some Bruce Campbell tossed in for good measure.


2 Responses to “It just got real”

  1. Holy Jesus Christ. You should see the size of this boner. Not mine. This guy behind me. Oh, damn, you’re book is out. That’s cool, too.

  2. nikkorpon Says:

    And here I thought you were just excited about my new haircut.

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