We Want the Airwaves Back

I’ll be bringing the new noise (and possibly fanning the flames of discontent [any Refused fans out there?]) in an interview with Lillian Cauldwell at Internet Voices Radio next Thursday, 16 Dec, from 7.55-8.25EST. Tune in. It should be fun.

Also, there’s an excellent new review of STAY GOD at Day Labor, the CrimeFactory blog. If you’ve been living with a plastic bag over your head for a while, then I’ll give you the inside scoop that CrimeFactory is one of the most exciting crime magazines out there. Needless to say, I’m incredibly stoked to have my name sully their reputation. Gigantic bloody thanks to Chris Deal for the beautiful words. You can also do yourself a favor by picking up Chris’ stunning micro-fiction collection CIENFUEGOS.


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