The Velvet Warms and Binds

I assume that most of the four people who actually read this thing already know what The Velvet is, but if not, brother are you in for it. The Velvet is an online community of writers, designers, vagabonds, musicians, artists and riff raff of all stripes. Bound by more than just a love of dark writing, it becomes a family in the way that, four years ago, I would’ve said, ‘Meet people in real life, losers!’

Alas, for years later, I’m reaffirming my loser status.

For myself and many others, The Velvet has literally changed their lives, be it through writing, art, friendship or a ‘liberated’ essential organ. I would not be half the writer I am today (which isn’t saying much, but still) without it, be it from technical knowledge to networking to breadth of reading material to ‘shut up, stop whining and just write.’

All that being said, The Velvet is in need of help. The skeleton crew who for the last six years has been pumping the billows to keep our air flowing, and they’ve reached the limit of what they know. Through fundraising with IndieGoGo (similar to Kickstarter) they’re hoping to get someone who actually knows what they’re doing to not just keep the site running, but expand it into the thriving art hub they’ve always envisioned. Like Kickstarter, there are various perks depending on the level of donation. Any amount of donation is much appreciated.

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