19th Nervous Breakdown

This could be a really long post, so in the spirit of the Dude, I’ll err on the side of brevity and just make a list:

-One day till STAY GOD drops!

-Today is the last day to use the CYBERMON code to save $5 off your order.

This review of STAY GOD at Ransom Notes, Barnes&Noble’s mystery blog, should make you want to buy the book, then go read Jedidiah Ayres‘ work.

-Tomorrow night, you can hear me babble on about the book and all things noir on Internet Voices Radio with Lillian Cauldwell from 7.55-8.25 EST.

-Friday night, come out and party with us at The Hexagon for the STAY GOD Release Party. There’ll be reading by myself and Goodloe Byron, music from The Garnet Hearts and Sweatpants, a short film by Chris Wiezorek and paintings from Kevin Hayden. Gig starts at 8PM, $5, BYOB. Should be a good time.

-I’ve got a story in you’re dead and I Killed You, a new anthology from Brown Paper Publishing. It’s a really cool twist on traditional anthologies, where each author wrote a mini-essay introducing another author’s story (which we were sent blindly.) I’ll post up my essay in a few days.

I think that’s it for the moment.


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