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Cold Cold Ground

Posted in Uncategorized on December 20, 2010 by nikkorpon

I owe a gigantic, sweaty thanks to everyone who came out last Friday for the Stay God Release Party. We had a fantastic time and I was totally overwhelmed by the great turnout. I consider myself very fortunate and humbled to have friends who are incredibly talented. So, thank you. I’ll try to write up something in the next couple days, add pictures and the like.

On a side note, I just did an interview with Lillian Cauldwell on Internet Voices Radio and, despite my nervousness, it went pretty well. The wine might’ve helped a bit. Either way, Lillian was great to talk to and I owe her a large ‘Thank you.’

I feel like there’s something else I was supposed to say but it’s totally escaping me at the moment (EDIT: The Press page is updated. That’s what it was.) So instead, I will say that I just got the Fall and Winter issue of Needle Magazine and can’t wait to dive in. You should order them. I’m also about to hit up Young Junius by Seth Harwood, after I finish Yellow Medicine from Anthony Neil Smith. ‘Tis a merry Christmas indeed.

More coming when I remember it.