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With a bang and/or whimper

Posted in Uncategorized on December 31, 2010 by nikkorpon

I’m ruining the holidays with C Deal over at Do Some Damage with The Reindeer Incident which I actually meant to call The Reindeer Situation (like Pulp Fiction) but wrote the wrong word. Either way, the story has my favorite ending line I’ve ever written, though it’s still not as good as the above picture. If you haven’t been there before, DSD has an inordinate amount of awesome stuff with a variety of voices. I just found it a few months ago and have been reading it religiously ever since.

Mlaz Corbier (aka Jimmy Viper) was kind enough to talk to me at Thunderdome.

Also got a review/interview thing with Scott Phillips (Ice Harvest) and Stona Fitch (Founder of Concord Free Press) over at The Nervous Breakdown.

Man, I’m getting all Richard Thomas up in this bitch.

Happy New Year, everyone.