Random Round-up

This is what pops up when I google 'random picture.' I think it's fitting.

There’s been a bunch of stuff posted recently that I’ve been slow to collect, so this is an odds-and-ends type of deal, some of it self-aggrandizing, some not.

-I’m reading this Saturday at the 510 reading series in Baltimore. I’ll be joining Pat King, Jessica Anya Blau and Tara Laskowski. I can’t wait.

-Crime writers Dennis Tafoya, Kieran Shea, Don Lafferty and Eric D Goodman will be pillaging Last Rites on 27 February. One of them has already snuck in under the cover of night and stolen Pat’s beard! Bios and more deets are available here.

-I just got ARCs of my novella Old Ghosts, which was pretty awesome, and then received this beautiful blurb from Paul Tremblay, author of The Little Sleep and In the Mean Time: “Nik Korpon’s OLD GHOSTS is about old friends and older dreams getting in the way of your present, and then totally kicking the shit out of your future. Plus rebar. If there’s such a thing as neo-noir, this is it. Moody, smart, sexy, and tension-filled, OLD GHOSTS is a whip crack of a crime novella.” Needless to say, I’m pretty damn stoked.

-The Live Nude Words! reading from the Velvet Lounge is live and available via the Velvet Podcast site, as well as Caleb’s Social Networking panel.

-I’m getting all noir and stuff at Crimewav.com with an excerpt from Stay God. As always, big thanks to Palms Daddy and Podcast sifu Seth Harwood for letting me into the joint.

-My review of Lindsay Hunter’s stellar collection Daddy’s is now live in Issue 19 of The Collagist. It’s a killer collection, as you can tell form the review, and I’m flattered to have been able to review it, especially for a place like The Collagist. Thanks to Matt Bell, Gabriel Blackwell and Lindsay. Too, The Collagist just opened up submissions for their 2011 Chapbook Contest. The winner will be published by Dzanc. Yeah, exactly. I desperately wish I had something to submit. Maybe inspiration will strike hard and with a fury. And soon.

-My other review of Shya Scanlon‘s Forecast is now live at Cow Heavy Press. There’s another review of Forecast there by Troy Urquhart and it’s always interesting to read contrasting reviews, seeing what stuck out to other people. Thanks to Molly Gaudry, Erika Moya and Shya.

The Kindle version of Stay God is now available for you techy people.

I think that’s it for now. I know there will be more news regarding Old Ghosts, the Velvet Anthology (featuring a mind-blowing line-up I’m not allowed to talk about yet) and–finally–the second half of that Books I Read in 2010 list. Thank you, patient people.


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