Impressing Readers and 99-cent Stories

Bunch of catching up, as per usual, from various venues. One of these days I’ll get the hang of analytical blog posting. Sadly, that day is not in March. Anyway, onward!

Episode 14 of The Velvet Podcast is live. Ben Tanzer, Ryan Bradley, Caleb J Ross, Brandon Tietz and I buck the trend and drink whiskey at Bourbon to talk about the role of the author is live readings.

-I show my lack of tech savvy in Episode 13, an interview with Jane Friedman about the new digital trends in publishing and bringing attention to one’s work. Yeah, Caleb shows me up pretty bad.

Axel Taiari and Richard Thomas are sweeping aside 1s and 0s, blazing digital trails with their 99-cent stories on Amazon. This is a really interesting trend that I think will become more important in the near future.

CrimeFactory‘s Kung Fu Factory anthology is now available, as is Beat to a Pulp‘s Round One. I really need to finish grading papers so I can dig into these.

My review of Young Junius by Seth Harwood is over at Spinetingler. If you haven’t read it… what’s wrong with you?

As always, more when I think of it. Or get around to it.


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