The Wire, The Sun and Community College

I’ve got an essay up at Spine Tingler Magazine called “Under the Shadow of Prop Joe: Writing Noir and Pop Culture in a post-Wire World.” Thanks to Brian Lindenmuth for allowing me to geek out for a bit. And yes, I understand the irony of putting Clay Davis’s picture up when talking about Prop Joe. But it’s a funny picture.

It’s fitting too that the essay went up yesterday. We were lucky enough to have Rafael Alvarez give a reading and Q&A session at CCBC as part of the Creative Writing Forum. Nice complement to teaching Chandler and Marlowe in the classroom.

On a side note, thanks to Rosalia Scalia for her write-up in The Baltimore Sun of the 510 event where I read last month. Luckily, there aren’t nearly as many prepositions in the article as were in that last sentence.

Got some blurbs for Old Ghosts, as well as cover art coming up soon. I’ll also have a guest post by Caleb J Ross and his Blog Orgy tour at the end of the month.


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