Tons of awesome stuff has been going on round the interweb, and as usual, I’m late to report it. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t rule, though.

Brown Paper Publishing magnate Pablo D’Stair is in the middle of a new publishing experiment. His serialized novella This Letter to Norman Court appears on various websites. Now, this isn’t too novel, but the method of unfurling the serialization is: Invite only. As he says on the Norman Court site:

This novella lives by reader request, only–I do not solicit blogs, ahead of time, instead I accept kind invitations from interested readers, each  host taking on one section in the hopes that one of their readers will take up the next.  There is some suspense, in that if a new host does not appear after each posting, the train comes to a halt (back tracking to previous hosts is not an option in this game). It is my simple hope to use this as a casual, unobtrusive way to release this material to parties interested.

A full list of each section’s location is available on the site. As of today, 14 of 22 sections have been published.

-One of the sites publishing Pablo’s novella is Herman’s Greasy Spoon, home of noir czar and taco enthusiast Anthony Neil Smith. If you read crime, you know who he is and love his books. Or should anyway. Besides being a stunning and original writer, he’s doing some really exciting things with e-publishing. His novel Yellow Medicine recently came out on Crimedog Books with a new badass pulp cover. Billy Lafitte is at it again in Hogdoggin’, the follow-up, and this time there’s an even more gnarly cover, courtesy of Erik Lundy. This wasn’t supposed to drop until 6 June, but Neil had mercy on our souls and it’s available now. Word is, there’s a third Lafitte novel in the works. I’ll give you a minute to go change…

-In more narcissistic news, Jay Slayton-Joslin was kind enough to listen to me babble over at his website. We talk about Spaced and Shaun of the Dead, good first-readers, and giving away your work for free. He’s got a bunch of really good interviews in there, so flip through after you’re done hearing me.

-Justin Sirois was also nice enough to ask me for a piece for Everyday Genius. He gave everyone a gif prompt and let them loose. List #2 is what came from me.

-Speaking of short stories, ‘Intersections’ will be in CrimeFactory #7, dropping in July, and That Pale Light in the West, a sort-of origin story from the new novel, will appear in BlackHeart Magazine‘s Noir Issue. CF#6 just came out a few days ago and has an amazing lineup. Thank you to Cam Ashley, Keith Rawson and Jimmy Callaway for putting up with my stories.

That’s it til I remember more.


3 Responses to “NORMAN COURT goes HOGDOGGIN’”

  1. Love your piece for E Genius, man. Thanks again.

  2. nikkorpon Says:

    No worries. Thanks for the invite.

  3. Look at you, with your work out there all over the place. Cheers for mentioning my serial–let me return the good turn by earnestly emphasizing that even instead of reading my shit, anyone reading this comment should read Old Ghosts (I liked it so much I published it) and Stay Go d (didn;t publish it…but would have).

    Cheers, mate.

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