A Million in Prizes: The STAY GOD Giveaway

In the lead-up to the August-ish publishing of my new novella, By the Nails of the Warpriest, I thought I’d give away some stuff. Over at Goodreads, I’m giving away two signed copies of my novel Stay God. I’ll also throw in some extra stuff in those copies. The contest runs from now ’til 15 July and it’s free to enter. I should have some kind of Stooges tie-in, but didn’t think of it soon enough.

Anyway. As an added bonus, for those who don’t win one of the copies, I’ll be posting a free collection of shorts, sort of like a thanks for paying attention thing. There’s an origin story of Damon and Mary, another story featuring Christian, and some more goodies. More deets on that later.

Finally, once this Stay God giveaway is finished, I’m going to do the same thing for Old Ghosts. Again, more deets on that later.

Stay tuned for more. If you wouldn’t mind spreading the word, I’d be wildly appreciative. Stay gold, peeps.


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