Baltimore Stories: Vol 1 Available Now (and it’s free)

Thank you so much to each of the 923 people who entered the Stay God Giveaway on Goodreads, and thanks to Richard Thomas for giving me the idea. Congratulations to April M. and Nicole M.! I’ll post your copies of the book and other ancillary goodness on Tuesday.

As I’d mentioned before, for all those who entered and didn’t win, as well as anyone else who cares, pretty much, I’m giving away Baltimore Stories: Volume One, a free mini-collection, over on Smashwords. You can get it by clicking here.

On that note, as the release of my next novella By the Nails of the Warpriest looms near, I’ll be doing another giveaway in a couple days, this time for Old Ghosts. There’ll be a Baltimore Stories: Volume Two with this one.

More info on Warpriest coming soon, including some early praise and cover art.


One Response to “Baltimore Stories: Vol 1 Available Now (and it’s free)”

  1. Very cool. You snuck in this one. Downloading now.

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