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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Posted in Uncategorized on February 10, 2012 by nikkorpon

I’m super stoked to say my story Gold Teeth was chosen as one of the winners in Punchnel’s Hard Boiled-Down Noir Fiction contest. All five entries ran this week and you should do yourself the favor of reading them, especially my homeboy’s, Richard Thomas. The winners are all invited to read with the always awesome Frank Bill at Writer Night: Murder and Mayhem for Kids, which will be  tomorrow night in Indy. All proceeds go to Second Story, helping to introduce creative writing to kids. Ken Honeywell will be reading my story, as Baltimore is light-years from Indy.

Speaking of Hardboiled, I’ll be a guest on Booked Podcast‘s Intro to Hardboiled this evening. I’ll post links when they’re live.

Too, if you’re in the Arlington, VA area next week, I’m doing a noir panel at One More Page Books with Elizabeth Hand, James Grady, Sandra Ruttan and Con Lehane. It’s panning out to be a very academic week in which I will consistently be able to geek out on crime books. Good times.