Daddy Cool is a Go!


I was lucky enough to get tapped by Ben Tanzer to be part of Daddy Cool, an anthology that will be published by Artistically Declined Press. This is especially exciting–and not just because of all the amazing authors they have lined up–because it’s a YA anthology, or as ADP puts it: ‘Fathers writing for and about kids.’ This is my first foray into YA, though I felt obliged to keep it creepy with my creatively-titled story, The Ghost Train, which is about a ghost train that steals kids and takes them into the Neverafter if they cross a certain point the tunnel. There are some carnies and other weird things thrown in for good measure.

Anyway, ADP just kicked off their Kickstarter campaign to help fund the book, and the rewards are pretty damn awesome. Almost as awesome as the lineup: J.A. Tyler, Robert Duffer, Pete Anderson, bl pawelek, Seth Berg, Matthew Salesses, Mark Brand, Nik Korpon, Nathan Holic, Caleb Ross, Corey Mesler, CL Bledsoe, John Longstocking, Jason Fisk, Robert Arellano, Barry Graham, Chad Redden, Dave Housley, Dan Coxon, Jesse Jordan, Fred Sasaki, Ryan W. Bradley, and Ben Tanzer.

I know, right?

ADP has a month to meet their goal, and if not… You all know how Kickstarter works. Please, drop a little money in their coffers, get yourself something cool and sleep well knowing you helped this antho get off the ground.

Big news posted tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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