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Signed Copies of STAY GOD, SWEET ANGEL

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There’s been some interest in signed copies of STAY GOD, SWEET ANGEL (two people asking counts as ‘some interest,’ yeah?) so I thought I’d put it out there. I’ve got eight signed copies for sale, just $25 including shipping, and I’ve got some extra goodies I’ll throw in.

Also, I have the last two copies of BY THE NAILS OF THE WARPRIEST on my shelf, so the first two people who buy a signed SGSA, I’ll throw in a WARPRIEST as well.

If you’d like one, drop me a line at nkorpon [at] gmail and we can set up some Paypal action.

Godspeed, friends.

It Happened One Night… (STAY GOD, SWEET ANGEL is alive!)

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SGSA Cover

(Saturday night, to be specific.)

I got an email from my publisher, Perfect Edge Books, letting me know that STAY GOD, SWEET ANGEL is officially published! A little anticlimactic, it being on Amazon for a few weeks now, but pretty damn cool, nonetheless.

Big thanks to Phil Jourdan for giving this book a second life, and to Pela Via for whipping it into shape.

In honor of the release, I’m going to do a Goodreads giveaway, because it kind of seems silly not to.

EDIT: The Goodreads giveaway is live.


Godspeed, friends.


Damon lives a content life, playing video games and dealing drugs from his second-hand store while his girlfriend, Mary, drops constant hints about marriage. If only he could tell her his name isn’t really Damon. If only he could tell her who he really is. But after he witnesses a friend’s murder, a scarlet woman glides into his life, offering the solution to all of his problems. His carefully constructed existence soon shatters like crystal teardrops and he must determine which ghosts won’t stay buried – and which ones are trying to kill him – if he wants to learn why Mary has disappeared.

Hooray for Exhibit A!

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EA Logo

Yeah, this is a little late, but there was a flurry of activity on social media last week and I didn’t get around to posting it on here.

That said:

I am super, super stoked to now be a part of Exhibit A‘s posse of literary thugs. Bryon Quertermous, the head honcho at EA, acquired my novel FAIT AVE (synopsis below). My super-agent Brooks Sherman and I had a phone conference with the EA team–Bryon, North American Sales Manager (and fellow Baltimoron) Mike Underwood and Publicity Manager (and fellow GAA-er) Caroline Lambe–and we’re incredibly excited to be working with them. As I’ve said in other places on the interwebs, I think Exhibit A is at the forefront of the new publishing model. What that model entails, I’ve no idea, but they’re going to do some exciting things.

I’m also honored to be alongside writers I love reading, such as Rob Hart, Patti Abbott, Matthew Funk and Dan O’Shea.

While I’m waiting on edits and such, I’m outlining the sequel to FAIT AVE and trying to get this new novel into shape to send over to Brooks. There’s a TV pilot waiting to be edited as well, which is yet another story that has to do with thieves. Not sure what the thread between all of those is. Maybe I’ll talk about it on here later. Hopefully I’ll get around to updating this old thing too.

Anyway. Got some more cool news coming this week. More when it drops.

Here’s the synopsis for FAIT AVE.

Godspeed, friends.


A literary noir novel that crosses the moral journey of Breaking Bad with the neighborhood intrigues of Tana French’s Faithful Place.

Elroy is a morally-upright thief who is struggling to move his family away from the city, out to where all the corners are cul-de-sacs. This requires him to spend a lot of time away from home, straining his relationship with his precocious son Elijah and precariously-sober wife Denise. One night, he discovers a hidden cache of jewelry behind his basement wall and thinks he’s finally gotten a bit of a break. But when that jewelry hurls him into the middle of a turf war between a local kingpin and a crooked cop who just happens to be Elroy’s godbrother, Elroy is forced to choose between his family and his honor.