I thought I’d add some assorted stuff people have said about STAY GOD and other writing-type things.

Praise for STAY GOD

‘Stay God, Nik Korpon’s dark and edgy novel about an ambitious drug dealer in Baltimore, reads like the bastard child of Hubert Selby and Raymond Chandler. In beautifully rendered prose, Korpon delivers an intense story of love and treachery on mean and merciless streets.’ -Donald Ray Pollock, author of Knockemstiff

‘Nik Korpon’s Stay God is what happens when a story breaks loose from its moorings, burrows into the reader’s psyche, and lives there, throbbing like the delirious ghost of William S. Burroughs. This book will stalk you.’ -Rayo Casablanca , author of 6 Sick Hipsters and Very Mercenary

‘The pop culture apocalypse is now, and Nik Korpon is one of its darkest new voices. Stay God mashes up the music, the movies, and the TV of our generation and pours it into a rusty martini shaker.  It’s a story about secrets, lies, love, and all of the stuff with which we fill our lives and time. Korpon, with his whiplash noir, is one to watch.’ -Anthony Neil Smith, author of Yellow Medicine and Hogdoggin’

Skimming a vein between drug-fueled noir and paranoid thriller, and as resonant as a lip-bruising kiss, Stay God is a narrative force to be reckoned with. Nik Korpon doesn’t so much tell a story as he inflicts it. Like Damon, the reader is time and time again left “tight roping between terrified and devastated.” -Review by Jesse Lawrence,

Author Nik Korpon is not satisfied to let a simple nod serve to validate his fandom, whether of movies, of music, or of literature. No, Korpon takes what is inherently compelling about each of his many references and weaves those concepts into his story[…] Do not fear feeling excluded by a hipster manifesto. Korpon is not a fanboy tailoring his writing to his obsessions. He is most definitely a writer first, a damn fine writer, using his own passions to substantiate his characters. -Review by Caleb J Ross,

Nik Korpon’s first novel, Stay God, feels nothing like your average debut. From the very first sentence – “Someone stabbed the sun”- all the way until the very last period, Stay God reads like the maniac work of a compulsive, obsessive writer who has been spilling ink in total secrecy for the past thirty years and then decided to share his jokes and heartbreaks with the rest of the class, blowing everyone away. –Review by Axel Taiari, 3:AM Magazine

Stay God cuts sharply through the fog of drugs and desire and gets to the matter of identity and maturing in a way that you’d never expect. –Review by Chris Deal, Day Labor (CrimeFactory’s blog)

Korpon leads us along the razor’s edge behind Damon like a skilled tour guide and allows us to feel his hope, dread, frustration and vision while remaining a cool step removed, from where we see the shortcomings in his logic and dramatic imagination. At once a fun spot-the-reference game and a chilly, tragic noir for your winter nights, Stay God lets you have your Cake and afford your rock ‘n roll lifestyle. (Ahem) –Review by Jedidiah Ayres, Ransom Notes (Barnes and Noble Mystery Blog)

Photos and Such

Yeah, I know it’s pretty much the same picture I always use, but I’m not so photogenic. I’ll take what I can get.

Feel free to use these wherever you want. Just give credit to Boden.Steiner, who was awesome enough to make banners for me, and Caleb J Ross, who was unfortunate enough to photograph me.

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