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BAR SCARS: STORIES is now available.

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , on September 12, 2012 by nikkorpon

I’m super stoked to say that BAR SCARS, my first collection of short stories, is available from the lovely people at Snubnose Press. Brian and company are putting out some of the best crime fiction over there, with stunning covers designed by Eric Beetner, and I’m humbled to be included in such company. I was fortunate to get two nice blurbs by Craig Wallwork, who writes some incredible stories and if you’re not hip to him yet you’re really missing out, and JA Kazimer, author of Dope Sick: A Love Story.

In other stuff, Shotgun Honey just released the cover for the BOTH BARRELS anthology, and it is pretty amazing. They have pictures over at the site. The lineup is even more amazing than the cover, so definitely keep an eye out for that.

I also got word that I’ll be teaching a noir fiction class through the Baltimore CityLit Project. The class starts mid-February and there will also be a panel in conjunction with the class at the CityLit Festival in April. More deets on those as I know them.

Last thing. Obviously, I’m pretty bad at keeping this updated, so I figure it’s better to just cut my losses. If you’re actually reading this and would like to stay in touch, please check me out at Facebook at The Crimes of Nik Korpon or on Twitter at @NikKorpon. I will post things up here from time to time, but I’m pretty active on those two. According to the new-media-author-experts, I’m committing virtual suicide, but I’d rather spend time writing stories than blog posts.

Double-crosses gone wrong, underage lovers with overprotective brothers, fathers searching for their dead daughters. No one in Bar Scars gets away clean. In Korpon’s Baltimore, whiskey is thicker than blood and the most important question is where to hide the body. It doesn’t matter that these are the normal people you see every day, because whether they’re from a broken bottle of beer or the jagged edge of broken dreams, these scars will always shine through.