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(That’s a Descendents reference for those who haven’t realized Milo Aukerman is god.)

I’ve been holding back while everything behind the scenes got itself sorted, so I’m pretty well bursting with excitement to say that I’ve signed on with the excellent Brooks Sherman of FinePrint Literary Management. I’m still new at this whole agent stuff, but he totally gets what I’m doing and had incredibly insightful suggestions, and we’re on the same wavelength with projects, so I couldn’t be happier.

Right now we’re working on FAIT AVE, a hardboiled/noir novel set in Baltimore. If you’ve read a couple of my more recent stories, you’ll recognize a number of characters–Elroy, Beigler, Harry, Pat, Fat Billy. Their trajectories, however, will inevitably nosedive into the gutter.

More as it comes. I’m off for a bourbon.